Women of Power, Purpose & Prosperity

Ep. 009 How to Leverage Your Brand to Increase Your Impact and Income w/ Tisha Pelletier

March 02, 2022 Sabine Gedeon Episode 9
Women of Power, Purpose & Prosperity
Ep. 009 How to Leverage Your Brand to Increase Your Impact and Income w/ Tisha Pelletier
Show Notes

What does your brand look like from the outside? Unlike what you might think, your brand is more than pretty colors and graphics on your website and social media. Your brand is about how people perceive you; your reputation. Think of how you want to be known.

To build an effective personal brand, you need to discover your purpose, who you want to be, and what you want to achieve so you don’t look lost posting things aimlessly on social media.

In this episode of the She Leads Now Podcast, we’ll hear from Tisha Pelletier on the power of personal branding and communication as a major leadership component. Tisha is an international speaker, business mentor, and personal brand builder helping solopreneurs build stand-out personal brands.

Tisha, who is also a five-time entrepreneur, has over the years and many pivots learned to believe in herself, invest in herself, always learn, and pivot when she needs to.

Listen in to learn why good leadership means effective communication, valuing people, and inviting collaboration.

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