Women of Power, Purpose & Prosperity

Ep. 005 Pursuing Meaningful Work Amidst The Great Resignation w/ Lisa Virtue

February 02, 2022 Sabine Gedeon/ Lisa Virtue Episode 5
Women of Power, Purpose & Prosperity
Ep. 005 Pursuing Meaningful Work Amidst The Great Resignation w/ Lisa Virtue
Show Notes

By now, many of us have either heard, read about, or have been impacted in some way by the phenomenon experts are calling “The Great Resignation.” Over the past couple of years, millions of Americans have resigned from their jobs to pursue opportunities with more favorable conditions at other organizations, they’ve changed fields, and/or started their own companies. 

And though each person has their own story behind their reason for resigning, the common denominator appears to be rooted in the fact that these individuals felt undervalued, and decided to prioritize themselves over their job. 

In this episode of She Leads Now Podcast, we’ll hear how Lisa Virtue courageously made the leap back in 2020, and how she’s currently leveraging her expertise to support current job seekers who are in the same boat as she was. Lisa is a career coach, mentor, author, and women's advocate. She has 20+ years’ experience in leadership roles and now guides conscious people on their career journey to help them land their ideal jobs.

Learn more Lisa and access the resources mentioned in the show HERE


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